Cibolo Senior Enrichment

The Cibolo Senior Enrichment Program is designed to provide retirees and seniors with activities that allow them to give back to their community and have a sense of belonging in the community These activities include but are not limited to AARP programs e.g. (Experience Corps, Connect 2 Affect) Corporation for National & Community Service programs (Foster Grandparents, RSVPs and Senior Companions) volunteer activities; health and wellness programs and a host of Senior social activities. These activities will give the seniors the ability to continue have a sense of purpose and to live an active lifestyle.

Cibolo Adult Enrichment

The Cibolo Adult Enrichment Program are design to provide adults 18 years and up with self-enrichment programs to include but not limited to Adult Education classes, Group health and wellness classes, Workforce preparations; Art and Music classes and Specialized Support Groups. These activities are intended to strengthen an individual’s knowledge and creative skills and empower positive living and one’s well-being.

Cibolo Youth Enrichment

The Cibolo Youth Enrichment Program will provide expansive educational programs to include but not limited to Science Technology Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.), Art, Music, Sports, Photo and Video production. There will also be programs to strengthen a student’s skills to include tutoring, reading classes, SAT and ACT prep, college preparation and scholarships. All activities are to enhance the academic and creative skills in each student to be a strong and well-rounded individual that will serve and represent their community.

Small Business Enrichment

The Cibolo Small Business Enrichment Program is designed to provide incubator training, activities and resources that will help small business improve, expand or grow into a more successful business. These activities will include but not limited to office and meeting spaces; access to the photo/video lab and the recording studio to promote their business; Leadership, Management, Human Resources and Business Financial training. These activities will enhance small businesses to continue serving the community and be successful for years to come.

Community Enrichment

The Cibolo Community Enrichment Program will simply provide a venue to hold meeting and special events that engage the community and is necessary for growth and value to a growing city. The venue will host Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) meeting; Civic Groups; School Functions; Corporate meetings; City Events (Health Fairs, College Fairs) Sports Tournaments; and Area Conferences. This venue will also serve the community as an emergency facility in case of a natural disaster. This program is help provide a central venue for the community as the city grows larger and needs to be a self-sufficient city.