Mr. Curtis U Lindesay

Mr. Curtis Lindesay is the President and Executive Director of the Cibolo Enrichment Foundation, which was founded in December 2017.

He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 28 years of service in the United States Army.

Originally from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, he has lived in the San Antonio area since 2003 and currently resides in the city of Cibolo.

Mr. Lindesay has a Master’s in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School of Business and is a Six Sigma Professional. He is also an ordained minister and serves as the Community Outreach Minister at Fountain of Life Community Church in Cibolo, Texas.

Mr. Lindesay provides over 20 years of non-profit and ministry experience, including:

  • Outreach programs.
  • Youth ministry.
  • Church administration, media, and operations.